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Resident Spotlight: Lee Ross

What do a perfectly aligned rock wall and a well-written story from personal experience have in common? Any resident would immediately recognize both as the work of Lee Ross. He’s a multi-talented fellow who is happy to help with all sorts of tasks.

Lee’s growing up years were spent in California where he and his brother, under the guidance of their father who worked for the California Department of Fish and Game, began to learn the ways of nature. His experiences and his love of the outdoors led him to a career as a heavy machinery operator which in turn required a knowledge of maintenance. Excavation, landscape, building, and firefighting filled his days. How does the Village use his expertise? He has dug up leaking water pipes, extended roads and created parking areas, done stump and shrub work, hauled rock and gravel. Oh, yes, and he tends our large garden growing fruit and vegetables for the kitchen.

His artistic leanings found their way to his pen, thus his memoir stories. They provide pleasure in the reading and have even been after lunch entertainment when a friend reads them aloud with gestures and sounds. Lee is quick to smile and quick to share his love of life and the Lord.

Resident Spotlight: Pat Exley

When you see Pat walking down the
sidewalk coming toward you, tapping his
white cane side to side, clearing the
walkway of obstacles your thoughts might
turn to the obstacles of life and how we
navigate them. But then you say hello and
the wonderful abilities of Pat become
clear. He recognizes you by your voice,
and don’t think you can walk silently by
him either. He identifies individual’s
differences in step. Pat addresses the
obstacles head-on.

Born in Tacoma, Washington, he
and his twin brother were diagnosed early
with RP, a genetic vision condition which
leads to blindness. Early school and home
years were routine. His family attended
the Assembly of God Church, and he was
a member of the Royal Rangers, a group
like the boy scouts. His interest in sports
grew, the Seattle Mariners a particular
favorite. In fact, his love for the Mariners
continues to this day.

The first crucial awareness of his
disability became apparent after entering
college. The need to read fifty-page
assignments was not something to be
done reading one page at a time with the
help of a magnifying glass. A new route
had to be taken. For Pat that was a job,
marriage, bearing a son, and eventually
facing an empty nest. Here is the point at
which our good fortune began. The
commission for the blind was instrumental
in bringing Pat to Boise, and a wise
administrator from our village offered him
residence here. That was seventeen years

Pat’s wonderful smile retells a dry
wit and a generous spirit. He remains our
resident resource for sports news and is
often the host benefactor of special
holiday meal menus which he provides a
way of blessing the residents of the village
whom he cares for dearly and whom he
credits with multiple offers of friendship
and care. Thanks, Pat.

By Karolyn Hutchison

(October 2022 Newsletter)

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